Hepato-Biliary Carcinoma

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My mohter is 57 years old and was diagnosed at the end of June with ovarian cancer. After surgery to remove uterus and tumors they saw more tumors located around intestine and upper region of the body. They removed most of the tumors but saw others. They finally diagnosed her with having Stage IV Biliary cancer which had spread into ovarian cancer. Things happened extremely fast. They began chemo treatment with Gemcitabine and Cisplatin. She had 4 treatments and has suffered severe complications from the chemo. The chemo had made her so weak, votiming, nausea, and an obstruction with her bowels. With the complications she is not able to receive anymore chemo. They told her there is nothing they can do at this point. She still has tumors in varies locations by the bile ducts, liver, and pancrease. We are looking for any help in alternative medicines and procedures?
We are doing all we can do to make her comfortable and hopes to help her.

From: Loving Daughter