anyone have experience with tumor in menginal layer?

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My husband was DX with glioblastoma multiforme in his spine 8 mos ago. He's not doing well, is effectively paralized below the waist because he can't bear weight and has bladder bowel issues- though he can still move them some and whatnot. ANYWAY- he's been getting his butt kicked by CPT11 and Avastin, but when he was in the hospital getting ready to move to nurse care facility (it's too much for me to handle by myself with 3 kids and just me at home) they noticed his left pupil was dilated. He got an MRI of his brain and they found tumor in his menginal layer. It's effecting his eye, the eye doesn't want to open all the way, and it's effecting his focus as well.

What should I expect with this type of tumor? I know it's a very bad sign that it spread, and the chemo isn't working (I had a feeling anyway) but now I have no idea what is going to happen next... We (he really) have to decide if he wants to continue chemo, our oncologist sais he will if we want to, but he doesn't recommend it...

Please help- I'm overwhelmed and have no idea what to do here. Thanks


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    I am so sorry
    Hello Mrs Plate:
    I was the caregiver for my husband who had an anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor which likely progressed to a GB. Each situation was different but when my husband's condition deteriorated, his oncologist said no more chemo. It was heart breaking news but we weren't surpised. My husband agreed to no more chemo and the focus shifted to palliative care. The one thing that is available at our medical center is a shared decision making center. It is a wonderful resource that helps patients and families who need to make difficult decisions get to a decision. We used it when my husband wasn't sure he wanted to go through a second brain biopsy earlier this year.You may want to ask if this is a resource available where your husband gets his care or the other option is that I know our shared decision making center has done phone consults with patients from all over the country
    ( it is a free service) You can send me a message and I can give you the contact information.
    Take Care of yourself the best you can during this time too.