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I had another question about my dad. He finally has his pain issues addressed. Great, but now the fatigue is getting him. I have already suggested Adderall and he agreed to ask the doctor about it. He has all the other classic symptoms too, such as pale, dizzy, cold, gets shortness of breath, with being so tired. Last week his Hemoglobin was 9.9. His normally is around 14 or so. The doctor says protocol for a transfusion that he must be less than 9.

So what can help in the mean time? For those of you who have had transfusions, do they perk you up a bit? How low did you have to get before the dr would order blood?

Thanks Again...Deb


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    Hey Deb
    don't know how much I can help, my dad had the same issues. He had 4 units of blood given to him initially because his hemoglobin was down to a 3!! It helped for a while, then a couple of weeks later he had another one. He obviously was bleeding internally, so he started the radiation and it stopped it. His hemoglobin then remained more stable usually around a 10/11.
    The transfussions do seem to be very helpful. At least in my dad's case.

    What you may want to ask the doctor to check out is whether or not he may have a blood clot in his lungs. My father was not feeling right and had such a hard time walking and breathing after his chemo treatments. They found 2 blood clots in his lungs. He went on cumodin (sp?) and that resolved the issue. He's doing much better now.

    Sorry you and your father are going through this. It's really hard I know. Just keep fighting and praying!!

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