Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Does anybody have any recommendations for hair products/supplements that might help my hair grow back. It seems like I keep losing more hair even though my chemo ended about three weeks ago. How long before it starts to grow back? I am still seeing lots of hair on my brush every time I brush it.

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  • karguy
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    My hair started to grow back after a couple of months,but it grow back thinner.After I had surgery,and it wasn't growing back right away I just had the barber just cut it all off.But it did start growing back in a couple of months.Good luck.
  • pepebcn
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    Pe patient Sara l lost 50 of mine or more when folfox
    l touhgh l was copletly bald but to be honest people don't even realize! two months after stop l had quite more hair , black an hard! haha l m blond
    soft hair.Unfortunatelly now on fofiri completely bald in 2 weeks! but star to growing back little by little ( may be red this time?)lol.
    Two month Sara wou will have a wonderful and surprising hair!