Lucretia - thank you!!

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I've been reading your blogs trying to find a climer of hope. I had been so opptomistic, after surgery the cat scan showed no cancer, and three months after chemo the CA125 was 19. But then six months after chemo the CA125 jumped from 19 to 69. The doctor said he would do nothing until it reached 100 and I would be on chemo the rest of my life. He didn't bother to explain things like Linda did. He said go home and enjoy it while you can. My daughter and I cried the two hour home. I"m not afraid to die but I have two granddaughters who live with my husband and I. They are nine and eleven. I was in hopes of making it until they were teenagers so they would be less dependent on grandma. again thank you and God bless you for being there for the rest of us.


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    Don't ever give up.... I know the docs can paint a gloomy picture, but just hearing from others on this site, should help you realize it's not the end.

    So many of us have "aggressive" cancers, as I for one, but I refuse to let this put a damper on my life. When I had a "bad scan" my doc knew I was worried and upset, but he told me lets do a different type of scan and then decide. His last comment, "we have other options to treat your cancer, we will never give up hope." Your doc might not be as open minded...not sure. Do you feel a comfort level with your doc that you can relay your feelings and thoughts?

    Be positive and I'll keep you in my prayers, as you'll come thru this with flying colors....

    Best always and remember we're all here holding hands together...we care for you, so come back and let us know how you're doing.