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It's been 5 weeks today since my last radiation tx. and I am just sipping water. For the last 2-3 days I have been coughing a bit during the day (not much) but then I cough all night. Did anyone else experience this once they started swallowing liquids after treatment. Should I be concerned that I could be aspirating? Any ideas or input would be appreciated. Thank you so much wonderful folks!


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    barium swallow test
    Aspiration may very much be a cause for concern! I was advised that perhaps the hardest thing to swallow would be water, probably, I guess, because it so 'thin' that it is more apt to 'leak' down the wrong hole.

    You should consider asking your doctors about the possibility of getting a barium swallow test. This test allows the pros (and you, if you are so inclined and if they will let you) see what happens in real time as you try to swallow various substances.
    It is basically an ultrasound as far as I can tell, and they can use it to not only see what is going on but hopefully to help you enhance your swallowing ability.

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