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Hello to my fellow Semi-Colons, Caregivers and Friends,

It has been quite some time since I have posted or responded here, but I do read the threads several times each week to stay current with my fellow CRC survivors. Gosh, there are so many new folks here.... makes me sad, but also uplifted by such a wonderful community of support, love and friendship. And sad at the recent losses of dearly loved friends. Everyone is always in my thoughts and prayers.

As some may remember, my husband Bob and I met here at this site, and as fellow survivors we do all we can to support missions to advocate for and bring awareness to the cause of preventing and fighting CRC. One of our efforts has been to partner with Olympus, makers of HD colonoscopes and other medical imaging devices that are so important to our health monitoring. Olympus is committed to working to prevent colorectal cancer through promoting proper colonoscopy screenings and now you can help!

In the spirit of reducing CRC deaths and increasing awareness of colon cancer, yesterday Olympus announced a campaign titled, "Find it First". The goal of the campaign is for 50,000 individuals to visit, commit to be screened, or commit to speaking to someone that you love to be screened.

For every commitment, Olympus will donate $1 to leading colon advocacy groups, Colon Cancer Coalition and Colon Cancer Alliance.

Please commit to being screened and encourage your loved ones to be screened as well.

Visit Find it First here: Find it First.

Hugs and love to all - USAKat (and Spongebob)


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    I forwarded an email to a bunch of people i know. Hopefully they WILL commit! I've been trying to get my cousin to get it done since she's approaching the age i was when i first became symptomatic.

    Thank you so much for posting this, Kate!

    Glad to see you!