"Compound discovered in Florida Keys shows early promise as colon cancer treatment", as reported by

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known as "largazole" since first found near Key Largo in 2008, it "has shown effectiveness in fighting colon cancer in preclinical experiments", tho more study is needed....

Meanwhile, medicalnewstoday.com/articles/202685.php reports of a "Key Role Played By LIMK in Cancer Metastasis"...Even tho breast and prostate cancers are those mentioned, the process perhaps is similar-I don't know

The following pertain to nanotechnology:

Sneaking spies into a cell's nucleus........from nanowerk.com/news/newsid=18239.php

wherein "Duke University bioengineers have not only figured out a way to sneak molecular spies through the walls of individual cells, they can now slip them into the command center--or nucleus--of those cells where they can report back important information or drop off payloads" and I emphasize the last three words here. (Here,silver is used)

Also, from

medicalnewstoday.com......"Gold Fish Thrive, Cancers Die" on research from Rice University pertaining to "plasmonic nanobubbles, generated around gold nanoparticles with a laser pulse, can detect and destroy cancer cells in vivo by creating tiny, shiny vapor bubbles that reveal the cells and selectively explode them" (Don't ask me, article explains.....I'm not scientifically inclined)

And last, from sciencedaily.com, dated 9/23, "Genetic Switch Underlies Cell Division: "Bimodal" Signal Determines A Cell's Get-up-and-Go" also from researchers at Duke

One day, some day..........steve

Added....numerous news sites now reporting possibility of blood test to detect colon cancer at earliest possible stage.....


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    thank you Steve for the
    thank you Steve for the aritcle in your post, much appreciated
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    thank you Steve for the
    thank you Steve for the aritcle in your post, much appreciated

    Also just read my daily email from nanowerk--dig this:
    Univ of North Carolina awarded $2.3 million from National Cancer Institute's Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Partnerships for research into pancreatic cancer treatments and earlier Dx.......One day it will be for CRC.

    Site also reported that The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is committing $18 million to several universities to use nanotech for heart and lung diseases.....

    Nanotechnology is very promising......steve
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    Thanks for continuing to bring hope to us with all of the information you share.