Tightness in Throat - like you are being choked

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My Mom had a laryngectomy for throat cancer in April and had another surgery one month ago. She is going through a second round of chemo. It has been an ongoing concern of hers that she always feels as though she is being choked, like their is pressure against her windpipe. We know that there are more small tumors in her lymph nodes in her neck and that inside there are no new tumors. So, is this a normal feeling for those of you out there that have had a laryngectomy?


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    hubby just became a lary
    hi - I'm a caregiver for my hubby Pat. He just had a total laryngectomy. The tumor was in all the lymph nodes in his neck, his larynx, and was large enough to be wrapped around his carotid artery. He has not gone through radiation yet, his surgeon wanted to take out the tumor first.

    Pat had all the symptoms that you describe before his surgery: lots of pain and pressure on his neck, the feeling of being slightly choked, constantly out of breath. It is not uncommon, and with the tumors in the lymph nodes and still in her neck, the feeling will most likely remain until they are gone. There is a lot of stuff in very little space there so anything not supposed to be there will cause it.

    So far so good for him. If you like I can keep you updated as to his progress. Best of luck to you :)