Had some borderline tests come back - metanephron numbers

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I am a 22 year cancer survivor of non hodgkins lymphoma, had a couple of bouts of it ages ago and the good news is it's a cure bad news is I am left with alot of late effects from the treatments.

About a month ago I asked to see an internal specialist because I was having weird symptoms and my GP gave me a referral. I went through some tests for the specialist and on Friday apparently one test, the metanephron one, came back borderline. Not many other details were given to me.

Now I am not a worry wart or someone that thinks everything is cancer, quite the opposite but I'm not stupid either. I did some research on this and it's all very interesting seeing that so much of it sounds like me.

I was wondering if anyone with kidney cancer or adrenal has experience with this test and what happened to them with a diagnosis?

Thanks for your time.

Blessings, Bluerose