Help !!! Hemorrhoids

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I would love any help with hemorrhoid successes you have while going thru radiation.
I am still treating the burns with Silver Sulfadiazine. My Hemmie is so bad, I can't have a BM.
Help! Advise needed


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    hey, it's me. You need to keep going to bathroom unless you are not eating enough to go. use stool softeners, and anything else that will help you pass it more easily/ i used the softeners and kondremul every day and nite. (they did not tell me about not absorbing nutrients)- perhaps miralax will work. warm prune juice. also put lots of KY jelly on your anus if you can figure out when you will pass a BM. or if you do not have a regular time of going, just coat your anus with KY all the time except for radiation . I used to get up 2-3 hours before any appt. to try to get my bowels moving ,I would walk around or jump up and down trying to get them to work, then, i washed off all the KY and then dried my bottom before radiation. such a pain in the **** but i just made it part of the routine. It is crazy . truly life changing. I still do this. the KY part in the am===every am. hugs rhelda aka sephie
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    Absolutely, keeping it soft
    Absolutely, keeping it soft and loose is important. I used benefiber in everything and also colace at night. I did not have hemi's during treatment but had the residual surgery issues from slow healing so there was some pain during treatment but not as bad as you are experiencing. I was in horrible pain before the surgery with the tumor and the hemi's being there together so I can imagine what you are going through. I cried every time I went. It was the surgery that found the tumor so by the time I had treatment four weeks later, the hemi's had been removed and a small piece of the tumor for biopsy. With both scenarios, only when I watched my diet and made sure that everything was soft did I have less pain and discomfort. Plus as everyone told me, drink lots of water as well...some days I felt like I would float away but it really does help. And soaking in the tub helped a lot too. Hang in there, how far are you in treatment? Mariyne
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    after the fact
    Before my chemo, the surgeon removed the one he thought looked funny and left the other that radiation and chemo are done, i've been dealing with still having diarrhea as well as regular BMs...the problem is that my butt is feeling raw, and like I cannot hold the loose stools in -- it leaks out and it doesn't matter how much I butt pucker enroute the the bathroom. When I looked at the area this morning, squatted over a mirror, the area looks so very inflamed and I don't know how to make it stop hurting...I'm going to see my PCP dr tomorrow for a urethral discharge, maybe she'll have some suggestions for the least I can hope...

    During my radiation, I had diarrhea the entire 5 weeks...and when the treatments stopped and stools got almost normal, I just made sure the area was kinda wet with some kind of cream...I hope that you find some relief...