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    Hey Sissy, Yes, your story is so close to mine it's almost eerie. My thing about keeping the house clean comes from the past 11 years that I was on the road, and my house would be filthy after 3 weeks of me being gone. Now that we've moved and it's a clean start, I don't want to see it happen again. But again, Trace is no help. He doesn't let me nap when I'm tired, he asks me at 10:30 pm to make cupcakes or brownies or cookies, and since I'm not working outside the home at this point, I feel obligated. But I am sooooo tired. He's going to New York on Monday to finish up a job and I can't wait. I'll have at least a week of quiet time. I went like 4 days with no pain when I when to the bathroom, now it's back. Not near as bad, but enough to irritate me. This too, shall Good night to all. Melodie

    My hubby travels too, not as
    My hubby travels too, not as much as he used to but I tend to enjoy him being gone as well...less pressure, although I do not have the same pressure you have with Trace. You must have spoiled him before all this and unfortunately he got used to that and probably expects that now? I started backing away from things like that as treatment started and it just became 'fend for yourself' after that. I'm home too, retired, and trust me I do not feel guilty about caring for myself and healing. I'm not being selfish about it but I am taking care of myself first this time. However, I can see the more I do now, the less the boys (hubby and youngest son still here) do in the house.

    Your bathroom pain is probably stress and maybe some constipation from stress or not eating right...I know if I am stressed or I overdue some foods it affects my whole body and then that affects my mind. It's important you rest and heal and let your immunities and treatment do its job. Do you take colace? I love the stuff. It's pretty much only mineral oil but it works well when you are constipated and having harder bm's. Just because you are not working outside the home right now does not mean you are are not still healing. You went through cancer treatment, not a tonsillectomy. And the treatment was tough. Be kind to yourself. Marilyne