Hi All!

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Wow....so much to catch up on!!!!
Just wanted to say HI to everyone and that you are all still in my prayers!
Hope everyone is feeling strong from the support on this site.....so nice to see how far it's come, but at the same time sad to see so many new posts!

I'm feeling great and trying to forget I have stage IV anal cancer :)!!!! At times, it is actually possible!!!

Happy Fall.....HUGS to you all!!!


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    Hey Sue!
    It's great to hear from you! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling good. I hope you have all those boxes unpacked and are settled in now. How's the job going? I can tell from your post that things are wonderful and that's, well, that's wonderful! Stay healthy and happy always! You are an inspiration!

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    happy to see
    I am happy to see that you are having a good spell. Here's a hug back to you. It is sad to see all the posts about this cancer, let alone any other. But, it has been an integral part of my outcome -- all the positive comments to some of my not-so-positive thoughts and all my good ones. Sometimes it takes a virtual slap in the face by those going through/having gone through the same situations to make one realize I am not alone.

    I hope and pray that you continue getting well and that you enjoy your Fall as well. -- Ranelle
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    Good to hear from you Sue
    Good to hear from you Sue and miss you being on here. Glad to hear that you are feeling good and pray all is well for you. Happy Fall to you as well. Leaves are turning here in Minnesota and are so beautiful, weather is crisp so I can actually wear a sweater now and then. Love this weather. Be well and come in here often when you can. Hugs Marilyne