it is friday any weekend plan?



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    HollyID said:

    It's been a full weekend....
    My daughter drove to see us. Her birthday was yesterday (she's 25 on the 25th!) and we had a party at our house for her. Friday night, just the three of us went to dinner and had a great time.

    Her and I did a 5K "Run for a cure" yesterday (Saturday). We were a bit disappointed that the event was advertised more. I think it would have had a better turn out even though there were quite a few people there.

    We went shopping for the party... went to see my mom and my sisters from Boise. They are coming to the party, so we left after only a few minutes. Went home and cleaned house, cooked and baked. :) We had a great time preparing for this party.

    Pretty much all my siblings showed up. We laughed, had wine, beer and punch and ate till we were full. It was a wonderful party!

    My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary on Tuesday. Twenty-six years of wedded bliss. :) Our kids gave us a gift certificate to a local eatery and a night at a theme hotel.

    Holly congratulations for your anniversary!
    As per l see Dix/cksons are a great family!