Has there ever been a study on blood types and treatment?

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I was just wondering. Since everyone has different blood types and if you give someone the wrong blood, things can go wrong. Has there ever been a study to see what treatment fits better with the different blood types?

Here are my specs. CA125 did not come into play. My blood type is B+. I am allergic to Taxol. They didn't know I had cancer until after the surgery.

Any thoughts?



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    Kathy I don't think a study has been done
    I too have B positive blood. Red Cross loved to see me come and give blood. I was working on my 8 gallon pin when I had to stop giving blood. The CA 125 is a marker for me. It was as high as 428 after my first chemo. One was not done before surgery. The doctor said he would wait until after the first chemo, as surgery could make the marker be higher. The lowest my CA 125 went was 14 during treatments. I started chemo 3 weeks after my robotic-surgery. I too had a reaction to Taxol, and had to have it given very slow. I have many allergies to antibiotics, so I was not surprised I had a reaction to Taxol. Then during my third treatment I had a reaction to the Carboplatin, and it needed to be given slowly, and diluted with more saline.

    I think we are all individuals and all have different reactions. It would make an interesting study though.