ro, wondering re: your 2 september post, rising ca 125 and clear ct scans

maggie_wilson Member Posts: 596
hi ro,

meant to get back to you re: a question about your ca 125 rising, but clear ct scans, thank goodness. may i ask how many times your ca 125 rose and to what number? my ca 125 is still within "normal" (around 20), but has been slowly rising this past year from 11 to 20 after chemo, so i was interested in your experience with the ca 125s. so glad you ct scans remain clear. makes you wonder re: the ca 125s. have you ever had a pet scan? i think my doctors may want me to have one, depending on the ca 125, or even if it's normal, not sure, but insurance thus far as denied it. my doctor is in the process of appealing blue shield's denial, in case she thinks i should have one. glad she's on top of it.

us open was really great to watch, even though i missed a bit of it. was surprised to see federer out early; sometime i think he just gives up. i've seen him pouty and surly, despite the fact that most of the time he's pretty gracious. he is a beautiful player, however, which is why i think he doesn't get hurt very much. this year i thought the women's tennis was better. glad kim won again, go mothers! (plus, hope hewitt is eating his heart out!!!)