UPDATE on my cancer HATE

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This is only my second post,
but if you read yesterdays, my mom is in stage 4 colon cancer,
shes been wearing red jasper, bound by yours truley and it helped get her white blood cell count normal. however, yesterday after her blood test they told her she was to have a blood transfusion because she was so anemic. the doctor was even questioning the lab results because my mother has high blood pressure. they sent out a second blood test last night and got a phone call this morning. remarkably, yet sadly, the doctor told her the second tests came back normal. this is a relief, however it makes me not only question the lab techs but it makes me wonder if my mom recieved someone elses lab results and they got hers.


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    It sounds like your doctor
    It sounds like your doctor is on the ball. I am glad the results came out normal. Who knows why they didn't come out normal to start with, but I am glad it got sorted out.