Exercise and chemo: Had read that exercise was good to combat chemo-induced fatigue

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( my problem with that during treatment was that I was too weak to exercise even if I wanted to).....Now, a study is reporting that stress, including that caused by intense exercise,"can spark a series of events that allow cancer cells to survive such tretments as chemotheraphy and radiation.....

Tho the study was done of breast cancer," the researchers say the findings are a clear indication that cancer cells have found a way to adapt and resist treatment with the help of this stress-inducible protein." that's activated as a result of stress....steve



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    the study
    The study refers to the day or two before having chemo as being the worst to have stress (either mental or exercise induced).

    It seems to be against heavy duty exercise that would raise those HSF1 levels a day or two before treatment. This kind of sucks for those of us that have so much trouble with chemo that we don't feel well enough to get much physical activity until the last few days before the next cycle...