MRI done again

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Well I have found out some things since getting news on MRI I had though it didn't include the lump on my arm that is most concerning to me. But the MRI of my shoulder shows it has horrid deteriation and no wonder having problems. Surgery is the only thing that will help me I was told. Though I lost it when had MRI because they didn't include the arm with the lumps though they were to do one. This lump is still growing and still causing problems physically though now the shoulder is in on it too.
ONE very good thing has come of this and that the new ORTHOPEDIC surgeon I will have to see since not cancerous won't do at Cancer Clinic. I am being referred to another surgeon and I know this that he won't touch me with a ten foot pole unless he is sure I am cancer free. Maybe now I will finally find out what this big lump is though no concern to anyone else.