False positive lymph nodes...anyone have any experience with this?

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The PET scan impression:

Interval development of moderate increased glucose metabolism in left hilar and subcarinal nodes suggesting recurrent neoplasms.

The oncologists interpretation.....

This PET scanner is extremely sensitive ...only three others that good in the world.  I think it is just picking up inflamed lymph nodes from your coughing.  It would be highly unlikely that there would be a new reoccurrence during the course of chemo.  

He has scheduled an appointment for next time with the pulmonary doctor.  

I told him that the report was worrisome to me.  He said.....I will tell you when I think you need to be worried.  We will repeat the scans in three months, and see what they show then.  He did go over and have a face to face meeting with the radiologist before he came to see us and he said in the face to face meeting the radiologist agreed with him.  My worry is that in looking at the location of the hilar and subcarinal nodes, it would be the right location for it to be showing up again.   

The blood test that shows the tumor markers has been on a very steady decline.



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    my Pet scan experience
    Just wanted you to know that PET scans can have false positives. When I was first diagnosed, my PET scan showed activity in my lungs, thyroid and colon (resulting in a colonoscopy) all were false positives. What it did not light up on was my esophageal tumor 4 cm and positive nodes all found after EUS biopsies. So things do light up that are not cancer. Now saying that I would worry too but if the radiologist and the oncologist both think this is not worrisome and his tumor markers are going down it sounds like a wait and see. I am post op and I get CAT scans every 3 months. I don't get a PET scan because of the false positives unless something shows up on the CAT scan that looks worrisome. It is only natural to worry about these things and I sincerely hope that all is well as your drs have told you. take care,
    prayers for all,