Good News

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Hi Y'All,

Vinny, good to hear that you got through your last one. Of course I know there are still a lot of issues, but I hope you are enjoying the evening and not worrying about things you can't control. Still praying your way.

Sue, even with your head hurting, you got through number 2. Congratulations.

We had good news yesterday at MD Anderson. After my 2nd treatment, I have about 50% reduction in tumor size and activity (SUV). We think that is GREAT and we are excited about the rate of healing. Now, tomorrow, I have my 3rd infusion, and of course will have to finish all of cycles. But so far so good!

Don't have much time tonight, so my best to All!



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    Thats great!
    Hi Tom,
    Well..that is good news! Good luck tomorrow with round 3! We will all come through this doubt about it!....Sue
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    good news
    Thats great news to hear. I had my midway scan after 3rd round and they said my suv was down by 2/3rds. From a 9 to a 3. That did not mean much to me. Did they say what your suv was and what it is now? He explained he has seen the SUV as high as 30 in lymphoma and for lymphoma 30 was really high. Not much was said about tumor size though. I should have asked but I had my mind on what the meaning of SUV was at the time. They did say the small one in my shoulder and groin were gone altogether though. The ones in my abdomen were 5 and 6 cm before I ever started treatment. I am assuming they shrunk, but don't know for sure. John
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    Great news!
    So glad to hear things are moving right along and progress is being made. My best to you. Mary
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    Great news!
    So glad to hear things are moving right along and progress is being made. My best to you. Mary

    Congratulations Tom, that is wonderful news! Congratulations on the great day. I know it has to be a huge relief to you and Mimi-Warrior!

    Have a great evening and enjoy the peace.

    Take care,
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    Great News
    That is wonderful, Tom! NO better place to be than MD Anderson - lucky you. I was only 40% Remission after my 3rd CVP-R chemo and have a PET scan next Friday (Oct 1) to see how it looks after 6. My abdominal NHL tumor was so large the Dr. is just hoping for 80% reduction and if that doesn't occur, he'll do two more chemos. I am SO ready for this to be over for awhile. VERY happy for you in Texas - how elated you must be! God Bless - Fran in Florida
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    Way to go,Tom! That is good news. Hope to see more of that.

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    Way to go,Tom! That is good news. Hope to see more of that.


    Thank you all so much!
    Thanks to all of you so much for your enthusiastic well-wishes on my progress.
    Yes, there were bells to be heard at the hacienda by the time we got back home. And even a small glass of champagne.

    My 3rd infusion on Thursday went well and only took about 6 hours this time. This morning it's hitting me a little harder with nausea, so I'm taking my time with nausea pills and something to eat before I hit the pred. But I think it is getting better.

    Now I have to go upstairs and exercise for 30 minutes and then help get my Mom back home to Oklahoma in the rain in a camper van whose transmission went out last night coming up our driveway.

    My doc insists that I keep to my regular schedule. Well, this is it. And I still have an office project to do. Plus, I have to install a new sound processor in my home theater. That will take days. But, it will still need to be done whenever I am able to get to it, so one day at a time. This transmission thing is unexpected, but more urgent, so it gets the priority for today.

    I was interested to hear about the prognosis on your tumors. 80% reduction sounds good. My local onc is making similar comments about mine and has indicated the possibility of going to 8 treatments. The biggest of my tumors was about the size of half a football, growing in and around my intestines in the lower ab. It had an original SUV of 14.5 and now measures about 8.5. Still, I'm not complaining.

    Thank you all for all your encouragement. It really helps, as you all know.
    Much comfort to you all. May this Saturday be a good one for all!