Karen or anyone please

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Hi Karen and Anyone,

Please advise me and help me.

I have mentioned Karen Name because she has same type of uterine ca my mother had...

My mother stomach feels full of gas and she feel some time pain when she back from toilet.

Pain is not too much but she has gas all time.

I am so much worried abt her.

Her doctor do only ultrasound only .They never do Ct scan or MRI. she had last time ct scan in dec 2009 which was clear.

Her ca125 is 5.8 on 1 july 2010.

she is only 49. she eats veg food all time.

do you guys feel gas on stomach or she need to check doctor ..

Her 3 months due on 8 october.

her digonise was grade 1 stage 3c endo adenco...

Cheers Kumar


  • kkstef
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    Your Mom

    I am sorry to hear that your Mom is having such abdominal discomfort. If she is having signficant pain, or if her abdomen is distended and rather firm, etc. she needs to call her Dr.

    I know some people have some intestinal disturbances as a result of the pelvic radiation but many times this gets better the longer it has been since the radiation.

    The safest thing is to call the Dr. or nurse and let them know what the symptoms are.

    Best wishes.....Am hoping that your Mom is doing better by now. Please keep us posted!