Update on Mom Ginny

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Hello EC family
Thank you for your replies, thoughts, and prayers. As of Friday we found out that mom's leg test results were that she has P A D. This is peripheral artery disease. This is common in diabetics. So....first things first. Catherization done to see if there are blockages in her heart. If so, bypass surgery. Also at same time fix leaking heart valve. After she recovers from that.....surgery to her legs. We have put it all in God's hands. Thank you again and I will keep you posted.


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    Will continue lifting Ginny
    Will continue lifting Ginny up in prayer. Thanks for the update. Please keep us updated on her other test.
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    god bless
    We will continue to pray for you and your mother.

    I see you have put it in good hands.

    I wanted you to know that my brother is also a diabetic and has P.A.D. along with high blood pressure, but he had the bypass surgery 4 years ago. He made it throuht it.

    He also has EC StageIIB and had the Ivoy Lewis surgery this year and made it through that surgery also.

    So I feel you mom will be OK as far as the surgery goes.

    But as in all things, It is in the fathers loving hands.

    Good luck and god bless