Cutting Edge Liver Tumor Treatments - Rhode Island

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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give a last minute reminder that if you are in or near Rhode
Island, there is a three hour seminar on "Cutting Edge Liver Tumor
Treatments." This is not a colon cancer specific meeting but may be helpful if
you have been diagnosed with liver metastases. It is being held at Roger
Williams Medical Center from 6pm - 9pm this Thursday.

You can get more information or register at _www.liverseminars.com_
( .

Roger Williams Medical Center will host this informational session, “
Cutting Edge Liver Tumor Treatments,” to discuss multidicsiplinary and
innovative treatment options available for people diagnosed with cancers of the
liver, whether the tumors are primary or metastatic. Speakers include Suzanne
Lindley, a 12-year colon cancer survivor, and Roger Williams’ physicians Dr. Brian
Stainken, Dr. Ritesh Rathore, Dr. Earle O. Assanah and Dr. Steven Katz.

Hope to see you there,