Myelofibrosis turning into AML. Having a hard time with whether or not to do stem cell transplant!

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My father was diagnosed with myelofibrosis 25 years ago. He never required any treatment for it, since he never had any symptoms or problems. In August of 2009 we found out through routine blood work that it had turned into AML. He had two rounds of induction chemo then did consolidation. He was in remission for 10 months, 6 of those months were chemo free. We found out last week (Sept 2010) that he is out of remission. He got a gurshong today and will start chemo tomorrow. He is struggling with the decision to do stem cell transplant or not to do it. We went to Northwestern last fall and they gave my dad a 25% of making it through the procedure, and said only 25% of patients with myelofibrosis and AML were still in remission at the 2 year mark after transplant. The other 75% had passed away. He would also have to live in Chicago for four months after transplant, which is effecting his decision. His oncologist really wants him to go for stem cell if he can get back into remission. My dad told the PA that he really does not think he wants it because he has a bad feeling about it. The PA asked what the bad feeling was, and my dad told her, "Once I got up there, I don't think I would come back". I respect what my dad is feeling and his decision. I just want him to have as much information as possible. Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone dealt with Northwestern in Chicago? Any information is appreciated.