Madura-how is mom?

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Please let us know how mom is doing. June


  • madhura
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    Hi June,
    Though mom's reports show great improvement, her general condition is weakened a lot. She is barely able to get up just to use the loo and for taking a shower. Otherwise, she is in her bed all the time.
    Re. breathlessness - it turned out that she had tachycardia (high heart rate)and minor dysfunction, so she is on pills. However that doesn't seem to reduce, so we will get her haemoglobin checked today again.
    Back pain is lesser now, mainly due to homeopathic medicines (normal painkillers caused lot of acidity and burning).

    So the main painpoints now are : weakness and breathlessness.

    She was really making an effort to eat however felt a lot bloated for the last 2 days, hence reduced the intake again. I will be getting that checked too.

    It's very disappointing right now, as while she gets out of some pain, and some new trouble begins. But overall I know the treatment is working so am glad in that sense.

    Once she feels a bit energetic, I will take her for a PET-CT scan to rule out any complications.

    Thanks for thinking about us.