Barrett's is back

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I had an esophagectomy 5 years ago and now early stages of Barrett's are returning. My biggest concern is obviously the return of esophageal cancer but I also am constamtly coughing in the night due to acid reflux irritating the Barrett's location. I sleep elevated but have really found no relief. Does anyone have any good ideas for this?


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    Do what you can do.
    I don’t have an answer for you but I know what you mean. It has only 7 months since my surgery and every night I have heartburn, sometimes it is really bad. That same thought has crossed my mind as I believe that is what caused the EC in the first place.

    I do sleep and an angled position and I take raglan. I think I am going to go back on the Prevacid to see if this helps. . It isn’t going to help to worry but we should do everything we can to prevent EC from happening again.

    Talk to you doctor and do what you can do The rest is in the Lords hands.

    I wish you luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.

    God bless
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    Omeprazole may help

    My gastroenterologist recommended I take omeprazole (aka Prilosec) each night about an hour prior to bedtime. I insure I don’t eat anything after 1 hour prior to lying down. I sleep on an incline (I have the back of my bed elevated by 8 inches and I sleep on an wedge pillow.

    I have not had problems with reflux since I started this process unless I break the “foods to avoid” rules. Sherri has provided an excellent list of foods to avoid.

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