September is Gynecological Month

susafina Member Posts: 131
To all my sister warriors,

Since September is National Gynecological Awareness Month I just want to say put on your Peach colored ribons or shirts and shoult from the highest montain tops that we will find a cure for uterind cancer. When I was diagnosed last November, all my friends ran to their Gynecologists scared silly that they had it too. Most had neglected their exams for awhile. So I guess it was a good thing to encourage them but I still didn't feel very excited for me. I continue to encourage all of my family, friends and co-workers to take care of themselves.
I continue to learn so much from all of you and so glad I found this site. Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging words mean more to women who are going through the same thing.
So happy September and I send hugs and strength to all of my sister warriors You are all the bravest, strongest and nicest people I know!!!


  • Songflower
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    With September being National GYN month where are the parades, ribbons, fund raisers in stores, and television stories and interviews? We are all so sick. We need a healthy person to do all this. Someone with zest and passion.

    Help us! Someone please help us!