Haven't been on boards for a while couldn't find them on new format-Have completed 4 chemos, and 5 w

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone.
I have not been on the boards for a while as I was not able to locate them after the website format change. I stumbled on to them again yesterday.

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 3 in Feb 2010. Had 2 major surgeries end of March and early April. Surgeon removed all of the cancer including some lymph nodes. I am on the sandwiched therapy of taxol/carbo and radiation. So far I had the three chemos, completed the five weeks of radiation mid to end of Aug 2010, and had my 4th chemo just over a week ago.

Knock on wood, I am doing ok so far. I am grateful to my medical team, and God, and am doing my best to do the best I can for myself to take care of myself during treatments. I choose to be rather hermit like to try to avoid infections as my white counts never really came back up to normal since the 3rd chemo-although they did start coming back up after radiation ended. Also knock on wood, my CA125 number was 5 on my last bloodtest following radiation. I hope it stays the same or drops when I have my next bloodtest.

My symptoms after 4th chemo kicked in a day and a half to two days after the chemo-the achey painful joints again, constipation, discomfort in whole incision surgical (radiated area), fatigue and my glands by neck jaw are always irritated after every chemo. That all seemed to peak for 3-4 days and I do feel a bit better now.

I want to wish everyone encouragement and peace and healing.

Everyone have a tranquil day and think positive thoughts!