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I just wanted to say, I just LOVE your upbeat smile!!!!!
It gives me a bit of hope everyday!!
Winter Marie


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    ::: Huggggggs :::
    Awwww... thank you, Marie!! If my mug can give you hope, then you have just made ME a happier camper than I already am this week!!

    There IS hope.... and actually there is more hope and success stories than there are doom and gloom and fearful stories out there. It seems that fear, doom and gloom is what we have to look forward to once diagnosed with this horrid disease, no matter which body part or organ it starts in. And the reality is, people DO suffer and DO die from this disease... no sense sugar coating it and saying it never, or rarely happens... it DOES and we all are very much aware of that. But as a society, it's almost as if we have all fallen for the trap of only hearing the doom and gloom and scaring ourselves even more because we have the same symptoms or same disease... yet when we hear the good stories, the successful stories, the wonderful stories, we say "Thank goodness!!" and then immediately our brain says, "But that will never be me... I just know it will never happen to me". Why is it we can easily picture ourselves with the doom and gloom but not the happy, positive stuff? I have no answer for that other than it just seems to be a trait of human nature.

    We really do have to work on believing that if it can be good, and positive and a happy result for one person, there's no reason to not think that we have just as much of an opportunity of it being for us too :)

    As for the smiling, happy face in the picture .... if you only knew what had led up to that picture, I'm surprised it even came out looking half decent!! LOL! This picture was taken Aug 21, 2010... the closing night of our summer theatre season. It was HOT outside and humid... which is so unusual for Vancouver since we usually stay pretty moderate and comfortable. We were having our closing Company Party and this was at a Pub/Restaurant, way after the show. So imagine 200+ people in a pub/restaurant that holds 125 comfortably, on a hot, humid night and it's the wee hours of the morning so we are all pretty punch happy My hair, if you look closely, is actually flat against my head, because I am sweating, so it is actually pretty darn wet. That rosy, healthy glow to my cheeks? That will be heat because it was soooo warm in the room.... and I think my eyes are somewhat bloodshot... not because of alcohol (I don't enjoy the taste of alcohol so have been a failure at being even a social drinker), but because I'm operating on very little sleep for the past 7 weeks. But hey... I am with wonderful friends who I've worked with side by side all summer and we are a very close group, so I am HAPPY.... and I guess, if I am HAPPY, then it doesn't matter if the environment is a little uncomfortable... one can still take a happy picture :D:D

    Moral of the story.... surround yourself with wonderful friends, celebrate all the good things in life and someone is bound to catch it on film :D:D