Extreme Fatigue

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I have chemo #6 this Wednesday morning. I never had a good week after chemo #4 and went right into Chemo #5 with a cold and sinus infection. So I have not had a good week after chemo #5 either. Now I am headed to my 6th and last Chemo in 2days time. I am extremely fatigued can't walk across the room without having to sit down. My blood work was a little low last week but the Doctor hopes it will be up by Wednesday. Is there anything I can do to make the fatigue better? I am afraid chemo # 6 will put me flat on my back in bed if I don't feel better before then.


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    My sister was also in pretty bad shape by the time her 6th chemo treatment came around. She was having trouble with neuropathy in her feet and legs and had been having problems falling down or even sitting down to go to the bathroom and not being able to get up, because she was so very weak. She lives with another sister of ours, but they both live 12 hours away from the rest of the family. My parents - 80 & 81 - are still in very good health and went and stayed with them for about 4 weeks.....the week of her last chemo and 3 weeks after.

    My point is, I don't think your fatigue is that uncommon. One of my co-workers has been fighting breast cancer and the fatigue and illness really didn't start until her 4 or 5 chemo treatment too. But, the good news is that each week after the final chemo they have both gotten stronger and stronger! So hang in there!

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    Good luck with chemo 6
    Good luck with your 6th chemo! YAH-you are almost there!
    I just had my 4th chemo last week following 5 weeks of radiation. I was told to expect to be quite fatigued by the end of these chemos.

    Did they give you any meds for your sinus infection? I am sure they are watching your white counts closely.

    Peace and healing to you!