My mother diagnosed with UPSC

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My mother (late 70s) was recently diagnosed with UPSC following a radical hysterectomy. Cells found in lymph nodes removed at the same time. We are waiting for the results of the surgeon's conference with colleagues this coming Wednesday, but the surgeon has said she thinks they will recommend 6 chemo treatments (3 weeks in between). We are feeling a bit in limbo at the moment, and I'd like to be armed with all the questions I should ask the doctors on Wednesday. We would appreciate any and all suggestions on that.


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    You will learn so much, it's hard to absorb it all. Use the search engine here for chemo. Everyone seems to react differently to the drugs. Your Mom will lose her hair and I got a wig before that happened. Actually, I had my head shaved as it first fell out; I think that is less traumatic. The wigs today are so cute sometimes it's hard to go back with human hair.

    Your Mom will need you the first few days of chemo. Perhaps the first week. There are medications to help you for pain, nausea, and anxiety. You have to learn how to use them. Many women don't even need them. Is there a nurse that explains all of this to you? Call where you are going to take her for chemo and see if they have someone who does education. Write down your questions as you think of them. You will learn about low white counts; is she going to get medication to bring her white count up?

    They give you steroids the first day or so and that helps you to feel good but it's hard to sleep. When the steroids wear off you feel worse. Also, chemo is cumulative, ususally the last ones are harder to take.

    There is so much more information. we have alot on the site if you can search for it. You will soon be "expert" like we are.

    I also wrote down all the medications I took after chemo because I was more forgetful.

    Remember to take care of yourself too.

    Welcome and we will try and help.

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    Checking in
    Just checking in to see how you and your mother are doing. I hope you were able to get all of your questions answered Wednesday. I am still in a similar situation not really knowing what all I should know or ask, but I feel at the same time that I have learned so much so quickly. My mother's spirits have been so down, the doctor started her on Celexa. I really hope that it puts the "pep back in her step". Thinking of you both, Keep in touch