green discharge, yes I said GREEN

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I went to my pcp dr because of a clear discharge that I believe to be coming from my urethra. She has referred me to a gyn dr, and that appointment is scheduled for Monday. Since I saw my pcp dr, I have had two episodes of GREEN discharge, now from what might be the vaginal area. Has anyone else with anal cancer experienced this? I know when I told my pcp dr about it, all she could say was "wow". She was actually a little more graphic with her words, but I'll save it so as to not offend anyone in this forum.

What I want to know is if anyone ever had this problem, and how did you and the doctors fix it? I'm really kinda worried, especially since my pcp dr already said that I have polyps, which caused the referral to the gyn dr.


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    Hi Ranelle,

    I did not have this happen with me. I hope that you will get the answers you need on Monday. I know it must be scary, but hopefully the dr will be able to prescribe you some medicine to heal the problem. Lori
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    This might help...
    I had a urinary tract infection(UTI) for two weeks that went undected because my rad kept telling me that the burning I was feeling was normal because of the radiation treatment. Just before the UTI was discovered, I remembered wiping away a thick green glob (discharge)from the vaginal area. My guess it was infection. Have your doctors check to see if you may have an infection.

    Hope that helps and I hope you feel better soon.
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    Thank you for your input/feedback. I do think that I have some kind of infection. The problem is that when my pcp dr tried using the speculum to open the vagina to see if there was any yuckies, I couldn't handle the stretching of the skin. It was like I was trying to give birth. She stopped and said that maybe the gyn dr could do the exam and get what sample/biopsy she needs. I've been reading about all the stenosis horror stories and I'm worried that I won't be able to handle the speculum at all.