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My boyfriend does not have health insurance. We live in NY and I was wondering if anyone has ANY resources, links etc to can use to help him with the bills. Its overwhelming.


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    You might ask about clinical trials, I think they are free. Also some pharmaceutical companies can help with costs. You need to talk to his doc for sources.
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    I live in Arizona
    and don't have insurance. They have a state medicare program, and I am sure NY does too. They pay for everything if what you make isn't too high. Check into that.
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    no insurance
    I would also contact your state representatives. Sometimes getting a politician involved can really speed things up. The last thing one needs at a time like this is financial stress! Good luck and God Bless.
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    No insurance
    Hi Valerie,

    I too was in a situation such as this. I applied for a few things. One of which was my state's health insurance plan. Perhaps he can apply for Medical assistance/Medicaid.

    NY has a health insurance plan. I have copied the link below:


    You may also want to check into the National and local LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma society). If there is funding, your boyfriend may be eligible to have treatments paid up to $5,000 nationally and $150.00 locally. The national can also reimburse insurance payments up to $5,000.

    Good luck.
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    Insurance assistance
    I did some for ourselves sometime ago and found a Patient advocate organization that have a lot of information and resources, you might want to check it out
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    My husband has NHL and we do
    My husband has NHL and we do have insurance but we were able to get a check for 150.00 from the lymphoma society. It is not much I know but it is a little something. I can not image the worry you have on top of his diagnosis with the bills. They are so huge !!!
    I shall pray for you both. Please ask your oncologist about a form to get money from the lymphoma society. If they do not have the information ... look on line.