looking for others with Spindell cell soft tissue sarcoma !

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Hello My name is Mari. My sister Anita who is only 28 yrs old has been diagnosed with 4th Stage Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer it started as a small pea size blemish on her knee and was called a "spindle cell tumor" it spread to her calf, up her thigh and into her back now in her thoracic and lumbar as well as metastasized through her lungs. She had many evasive surgeries to her legs and back and although it is gone from her leg it is growing and spreading rapidly near her spine and in her lungs she also now has another sarcoma tumor on her neck/jaw area. She has gone through 3 rounds of Chemo (1 of them being a clinical trial) which all failed and just recently underwent radiation and we have yet to receive those results but are keeping out hopes high! My sisters Doctors have basically told us there is nothing more they can do at this point and we are now left to research and find other treatments ourselves. My sister is a very strong and positive women but I can see that hope is fading and she is becoming discouraged Is there anyone out there that has had this type of cancer and survived?? does anyone have any info on other treatments? please help!!!