Speed of Recurrance

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Has anyone else's disease returned with the speed of lightning? My mother grew 5 spots in 3 weeks.....I know this is not good, just wondering if it's pretty normal or really bad......not that it matters since it is what it is....


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    I would not say it's normal
    I would not say it's normal or abnormal, but only that it indicates a less than optimal response to treatment.

    Was her scan clear and/or her CA125 normal just 3 weeks prior to finding the new spots?
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    I can say my did. Also 5
    I can say my did. Also 5 spots in pelvic area. After 3 chimo Carboplatin and Gemzar all gone. Pet scan did not light up nothing. But I did 8 chimo, last was june 17. will go for check up october 5. Best wishes to your Mom, Zina.
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    slow but diffuse
    Since our Moms are going through similar things, I think it's the diffusion of the damage that worries me. Mom is not getting scans as frequently as yours, so we're left to guess as symptoms may or may not be manifesting, not that it matters if she's comfortable at home, right?

    Each chemo-lite seems to hold the monster at bay, but by the end of the 3-week cycle I see subtle evidence that the cancer is doing things. Doc added Avastin last cycle and it was a very bad idea. Elderly patients may not be good candidates for that one.
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    been there
    done that. hugs