Small Lymphacytic lymphoma

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My husband was diagnosed with SLL a month ago. He has swollen nodes in his right groin, nodules in his lungs,lost about 35 lbs. in the last year, high WBC count, and is fatigued. He is on his 3rd week of rutuxin. He had an allergic reaction to the first dose and now is more fatigued, has joint pain, and abdominal pain and bloating. His nodes are the same size as before. How long would it take to see a differance in size if the retuxin is working? Does anyone have any experience with sll? Any advice or prognosis information. The doctor did not give us a stage. She did say this is an indolent type. Although he seems to have alot going on for a slow growing cancer. He is 42 and very afraid. Any information or advice would be apprecitiated. Thanks so much, Vicky


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    Lymphacytic Lymphoma
    Sorry Vicky, I'm not familiar with this type of Lymphoma, just know that the Rituxan should be showing some time of reaction with the cancer by treatment 3 or 4, my lymphoma was in 6 spot's, after 7 treatments it's still left in my pelvic area, I'm in stage 4, just tell him he has the advantage of his young age, and this cancer is very treatable! Tell him to stay positive! Vinny
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    I have indolent b cell nodal marginal zone lymphoma, stage 4. What does SLL stand for? I'm not familiar with that. I will be getting my 3rd Rituxan infusion this Tuesday. I also had a strong allergic reaction to the first infusion. I am experiencing increased fatigue as well. I don't have any tumors that I can feel to tell if they are shrinking but according to my blood work levels I am very anemic and my igm levels are very increased. My doc said that midway thru this treatment that is expected. But I would urge your husband to call the doctor and ask questions. I don't like wondering about things and I call the office so tht I can get answers and not let my imagination get the best of me ! Wish I could be of more help. Perhaps someone else will post more. You found a good site. The people here are awsome- like a family. The best to you and your husband.