Does anyone have this information?

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My name is Susan and I'm posting for JJ, who just received a bad report after finishing her 18 weeks of carbo/taxol chemo last week. She is understandably upset, so I'm posting for her asking for help from all of you lovely ladies who are so unbelievably strong and upbeat in your unwavering battles!!

Soooooo, here are two questions:

1) A while back Kristen (Kris Ann on March 30th) posted that her mom had stage 4 UPSC and was treated successfully at the Dana Farber Institute. See post here:
She was emailing the protocol to those who asked, but I fear too much time has passed for her to check these posts again.
A few others asked that the information be emailed to them at that time, so I was wondering if anyone who received it would share it with me and JJ?
My email is

2) Also, Starfish4 (Connie) posted on August 30th about the lecture by Dr. Julian Schink of the Lurie Cancer Center in Chicago. I'd love to know if there is an audio file or transcript available for the information he offered regarding new treatments available.

Thank you for any help and unending strength and peace to you all,


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    unknown said:

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    Thank you so much!
    Hi Connie,

    Thanks you so much for asking about the transcript and I will check out the other information you referenced.
    You are to be honored in your fight! Good luck with your meeting tomorrow.
    Hope Seamus gives you lots of sloppy kiss loving to help you through!!