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Sara Zipora
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Hi, July 15 th 2010 diagnosed Stage Iv B endometrial clear Utreine Carcinoma.
Total hysterectomy,oopherectomy and everything else north,east,west and south.
No symptoms preceding this except two weeks or so of Mild to moderate constipation. In retrospect turns out I have stenosis of cervix and nothing dripped, I.e. Blood, until cancer invaded whole uterus thru wall and into cells in pelvis and stomach.
CT show organs ok but microscopic cancer likely to be all over the place.
Started Chemo three weeks ago, Wed Taxol, Thurs carboplatin
Week later taxol
Week later , today taxol
Next week taxol and carboplatin again.

Also have glaucoma and today they reduced steroids with taxol to drop extremely high-40- pressure in eye, normal 15-20. Now have backache which they said I might get.
Still on percoset 3-4 hours post surgery, doc say is deep healing pain.

Anyone know about this, what next.
I'm very new and very deep in, very fast.

Sara Zipora


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    hi sarah i had the same
    hi sarah i had the same exact thing you had. had a total hysterectomy this was dec 2009.
    start chemo in january 2010 medication taxol and cabroplatin. my treatment was called a
    sandwich treatment 3 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks then 25 days straight of radiation,
    then about 3 week off after radiation then 3 more treatment of chemo. went back for
    my follow up with gyn oncology in july 2010 and right now i am in remission.
    the side effects i had from the chemo was muscle pain doctor prescribed viocodin
    first treatment in a lot of pain, 2nd treatment i started to pain medication before
    the pain started and it was not as bad as 1st treatment. 3rd chemo not much pain
    at all.
    radiation only side effect i had was diarrhea in the last week of treatment and also
    frequently urining problems. thought i had a uti, but the frequency was from the
    radiation. it was almost 2 to 3 weeks after radiation before my bladder got back to
    good luck with your treatments and if i can be of any help don't hesitate to ask me any
    question you my have.