osteosarcoma with multiple lung mets on both lungs

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My 38yr old friend was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma in the mouth (very rare),with multiple lung mets in both lungs 2wks ago.the consultants told her basically thats it she is looking at paliative.apart from weight loss she looks her normal self,fit and healthy looking.and in no need of the morphine that she was given.as she is not in any pain and feels quite well.has anyone heard of this,and is there anyone out there, who knows if there is anything anyone can do for her.she is a loving mother of 4 children


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    Osteo sarcoma
    I have it in my jaw. It was removed and a prothesis put in my mouth. I also had chemo and radiation and lost 80 pounds. I don't have anything in my lungs, but the lymph nodes around the lungs suggest FDG uptake.