Another surgery post op food for thought about resting in the hospital

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When at Vandy I asked the staff if they could all collect their pokes, pricks, and prods at the same time each night instead of coming in every 1 or 2 hours and waking me up. They are excellent caregivers and it was taken very well and at 2 am in the morning there were 5 in there poking, pricking, and prodding and then gone.....Maybe all we have to do is ask ?

Hopefully this will help some get a little more nap time........Buzz


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    not forthcoming with information
    I find this to be true. Docs aren't giving us all of the information up front. We have to open our mouths. For instance, we wanted to know if our mom could have a glass of wine while she is in the middle of her chemo. cycle. The doc said yes except for the day before during and the day after her receiving her treatment. Gp figure! We had a private wine tasting in the house.

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    Oh I remember those times, I
    Oh I remember those times, I made sure I was drugged up so they could do what they wanted with me and not wake me up! lol
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    Everytime my beau was in the hospital.....
    We told the head nurse, when we reached the floor, that he did NOT want to be disturbed during the night....

    Once, he was awakened at 2am (!) to check his WEIGHT!!!!! So, we are now just very firm about it....unless the monitors at the nurses' station show something wrong, leave us ALONE! (Oh, I forgot to mention, I always stay in his room....that does need to be arranged before...otherwise, you are woken when the OTHER patient in the room has the middle-of-the-night visits).

    I'm glad to see your posts, dear Buzz, it means you are doing well!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi