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Would like to find out how many ladies have been able to overcome any vaginal issues caused by radiation? What is working for you? I seem to be getting some good results using dilators and a couple of products, sorry for being graphic. Astro glide and replens are helping. On my way to getting back my groove. I had thought this was not possible. Woo Hoo it is. I am 3 years cancer free.


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    tiny one
    I'm sort of surprised you haven't had any response on this but the board has been pretty busy and sometimes things get knocked to the bottom pretty quick.

    I never had radiation but chemo did a job on me in reference to vaginal issues. Matter of fact, I had inflammmation throughout my body from the chemo. I am almost 4 months out from chemo and the problem still exists. Good news is my 6 month retake pap smear was negative for inflammation this time so *maybe* things are healing.

    Glad you got your groove back:)