Great Article- Living with metastatic cancer long term

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Yesterday while I was at my Onc office I read an article in "cure" magazine. It was a great article. It talks about the increasing number of "chronic" metastatic patients who are living long term with cancer. Suzanne Lindley is mentioned in the article. She was DX in 1998 with metastatic colon cancer. She was told she had 6 months to live at that time. In 2004 she was again told she would die. Twelve years later she is still alive and doing well. She has mets to the liver, spine and lungs. Still in treatment. She has had many different chemo drugs and procedures. She watched her kids graduate from High School and got her masters degree in social work during this time.

You can read the article at


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    Good article, thanks for
    Good article, thanks for sharing Brenda! I know I am "trying" to live that way too! Most days I can...then there are still those others. But everyone here is so encouraging. Jean
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    Thanks Brenda!
    I really enjoyed this article; it is truly inspirational.
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    Great article,thanks for
    Great article,thanks for sharing.
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    Great Article!
    Thanks so much for sharing that great article. Everyone should read it!!!!

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    Great article - thanks for posting. Now I have a new term for myself -- a hitchhiker! That's me. All I have to do is stay one step ahead of the next new drug/treatment approach. Living with cancer.

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    Great magazine
    I love Cure magazine. So much inspiration and good information! My oncologist gives his patients a subcription to it. Mine was recently going to run out, and all I had to do was go to their website and say I wanted to continue getting it. No charge!