My dad's 13 year PSA Level

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My father was treated in 1997 with Protons (early days of this treatment) at Loma Linda for his Prostate cancer.He got his PSA back today and it has been the same for the past five years a score of 0.3. I believe he is the last surviving member of his proton therapy group from 1997. Back then at Loma Linda they were experimenting even with the high Gleason grades using Proton for primary treatment. If I remember his was a Gleason 6.

His side effects over the years have been - urgent urination, some mucus discharge from bowel which he still has on occasion and loss of ability for erections. He just turned 78 in August.

1 year survivor
Gleason 7


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    Thats great Larry. Your Dad
    Thats great Larry. Your Dad whipped it. Sounds like he has many more years of life ahead of him. You will also whip this thing. Keep up the zero's