4 months on Assure Trial after surgery, found some cancer. Going to Houston

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Did my 3 month scan after the trial start, think I was getting Sutent, found a 1.2 x 1.8 lesion on tissue where the kidney was and two "too small to biopsy" on the same lung. Biopsied the lesion was cancer.

Dr wanted me to start IL2 on the 13th of Sept. Made a few calls and with some good fortune made contacts at MD Anderson and Baylor, both of which questioned my Dr's will to start IL2 now. Got an appt on Sept 10, the Friday before my IL2.

I am going packed and think I will postpone theIL2 treatment.

Seems like with this IL2 the quality of life, 1wk on, wk home, 1 wk on, 6 wks off then repeat, and many side effects seems like pure hell, especially with kids, crops, and LIFE.

Tough to second guess my current dr., but I owe it to myself and those around me.



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    You do owe it to yourself
    When I was told about the renal cyst, the ER doctor said I could follow up with my PCP "if I still was having pain."

    I went with my instincts and called my PCP the next day, went in and found out it was large and needing more tests. I am in the process now of finding out if it is cancerous or not, but I am glad I followed my gut.