Dixchi, Maglets, CaptainHop and MaryGale, and VickiCo.....

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I haven't heard from them in ages.....anyone else ? I hope all is well with all of them....Buzz


  • AnneCan
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    I think Maglets is off for the summer - she was going to her "summer place" + it sounded like she would be out of touch until the fall.
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    Captain Hop and Marygale
    Marygale and I became very close friends. We corresponded regularly. Marygale got sick with I think luekemia but we still kept in touch. We exchanged letters, cards, even gifts. Then suddenly I did not hear from her. I called her but no answer. Have not heard from her for months and months. I do not know what has happened. Did not go any futher because was afraid what I might find out so I just left it. She wrote the most remarkable, loving and encouraging messages you would ever want to receive. She was an angel and a blessing to me at some of my darkest hours. She has been missed by me so very much. I hope to hear from all of them especially CaptainHope and Marygale.
    Thanks Buzz...Hope you are doing well...keeeping you always in our thoughts and prayers.
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    Hey Clift
    I'm just wondering if any of them are on facebook, I know there are a lot of us on there. And some names I don't recognise, who may come on here under different names. So if your on facebook you could try and find them on there.