What are wound vac and how long do they stay on?

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My brother did very well with the surgery. He was in the OR 8 + hours they tried to do a laproscopic approach but in the end had to do an open incinsion.

My brother wanted to go home but there was no one to take care of him. I got him into a lovely rehab for a few weeks. But he has a wound vac. What is that.... how long do you need to use it. My brother is a diabetic and weighs over 300 pounds. Will those complications make his healing slower?



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    Hello Ellen!
    Happy to see

    Hello Ellen!
    Happy to see your post. Congratulations to your brother....what is his name anyway? I am not familiar with a wound vac, but didn't the hospital explain all of this before he was discharged? My mom is also a diabetic. Yes, being diabetic makes it longer for any wounds to heal. Tell him to please take it easy. Slow and easy wins the race. You might have to look into a home health nurse to come to his house while he is recovering. I am sure the hospital can help with this, if not them then the American Cancer Society will. Hang in there, you are both doing great! Keep in touch.