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I thought I had a bone met to the spine because I am still having neurological problems unrelated to thee brain tumor. Of course, thank god for that because I never would have found the brain tumor so early if I hadn't been on the witch hunt to cure those symptoms. They checked me me out and didn't find anything other than what they already knew. Oh, well.maybe
I just think it is neurological and it's just a sign of more advanced liver disease.


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    The more the cancer spreads...
    the more paranoid we get that it's spread yet again. Every little pain could be spread. I'm freaking right now because i have a recurring tummy ache. COULD IT BE STOMACH CANCER??? Sometimes our suspicions are correct. I'm thankful they found your latest spread, but i'm praying that it will stop doing that. Clift is right, boy. You're tough as pine nuts! If anyone can beat this with stubborness, it's you.

    Many hugs, and a quick recovery,
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    Hang in there
    They will get it figured out and get it resolved.

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    I hope it is nothing serious; I think you are due to catch a break.
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    Keep Hunting
    Hi Eric,

    You keep going on those witch hunts..never give in. You're amazing and you know when your body is telling you something.

    Big Hugs and Prayers,

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    I'm so glad you found that little tumor and got it OUT! I hope the other issues resolve or don't get any worse, and you have no more new tumors.

    I'm still shocked at how quickly you updated us after brain tumor surgery.
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    you're one tough cookie
    Hi Eric,

    It's always good to hear from you.
    No specific advice- just know that you come to mind at some point every day and I do pray for you at that time.

    Take care and keep fighting-
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    Hang in there.I know you are
    Hang in there.I know you are as firm and strong as a rock.Take care,my buddy.
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    Praying for you, my friend.