New news item at about a company (Asuragen) launching its KRAS and BRAF mutation t

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and provides a little info on the two markers for CRC......also in the news lately that might interest someone:

"Black rice" as a good source of antioxidants

Tumors larger than 5 cm, positive nodal status indicared poorer DFS, OS in anal carcinima

Onko Sure in vitro diagnostic test for cancer

"Among patients with stage III colon cancer, the use of multivitamins during and after adjuvant chemotheraphy is not associated with a lower recurrence rate or improved survival."

"Hydrophobic Proteins" as potential biomarkers for CRC

Researchers "hope to stop colon cancer by activating special anti-cancer genes " (CDX2)

This is but a brief relating of some of what has been posted recently about research being conducted

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    Thanks Steve!
    It is good to know there is a lot of effort out there to get rid of colon cancer!