Treatments for Brain Metastasis

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Can anyone recommend a treatment besides whole brain radiation for diffuse disease in the brain? We just found out after being clear 6 months ago, this is for my wife who is only 33 years old.

We've been on BRAF, and are looking at ipilimumab, but I don't yet how effective ipi is in the brain or if we will need to do whole brain radiation first.

thank you


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    Brain metastases
    I also have had brain metastases. The gamma knife is the other treatment, but my doctors said that since I had 7 lesions, it would be better to do whole brain radiation. They said the gamma knife treatment was for people who had fewer lesions. Just a note, I have completed WBR and seem to have come through it, with my cognitive faculties intact. I did lose my hair though. I wish you all the best.